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Hola Amigo!

Amigo: ¿Dónde está mi familia?

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Come and meet Amigo, the elephant,  and learn about the different emotions he goes through on his adventures with his friends.

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First subject in my Preschool Immersion Curriculum: Who we are, what's our name, how do we feel. 

Check our Morning Song including the same emotions here

Amigo and his friends are playing when they find a sad goat. Agustín has lost his family!

While Agustín struggles to control and express his emotions, Amigo helps his new friend search

for his family through several habitats.

"Amigo: Dónde está mi familia?" is the perfect story to teach little ones about animals and their habitats, about colors, family and family members, and also about values and skills like friendship, perseverance, respect, and self control.

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Amigo: ¿Qué podemos comer?

Best bilingual children's books!

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Hola Amigo!

The magic of Language Immersion

Our friend Amigo has two cute guinea pigs, Squeaky and Spotty. He plays with them every day. His pets eat only hay or grass and Amigo feels sorry for them. Maybe he can let them try some new food option! What can they eat?
This third book of "The Magic of Amigo" Series is a "Choose your own story" book where children can pick the next meal for Squeaky and Spotty to try and then see what happens!
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How it all started

I talk to little kids in a language they don't understand.

I have been doing it with many different groups of young students for the last years. And it's been fantastic!

I have taken this wonderful immersion experience into a full 10 months curriculum for preschoolers (2 to 5 yrs old). It includes the methodology, themes, activities, songs and useful links. Ask me about it!

Amigo was my first link with my new students. A nice grey stuffed elephant with whom we got to know each other's names. Then he became the main character of the books needed to complete a first year of Spanish Immersion!

The Mission of this project to help provide quality education to every child and build a future where all kids have the same opportunities to success. Check it out on social media to know more.



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Núria Camahort


Smiles, signs, eye contact

Be everything but shy!

How to get little kid's attention in a language they don't understand? Smile, look at them in the eyes, exaggerate gesture and talk from your heart... as a main ingredients in my teaching methodology.



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The magic of Amigo 

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